Legal Notices

City of Ely, Nevada


Public Hearing – Opportunity for public to give suggestion on the installation of Yeild sign at 12th and L.

Public Hearing – Opportunity for public to give suggestions on the installation of street signs

Ordinance 743 Adoption Notice

Municipal Utilities Board Opening – Open until Filled

Public Hearing Ordinance 743

Public Hearing – Opportunity to suggest uses for the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)

Important Information About Your Drinking Water

Ordinance 742 Adoption Notice

Public Hearing Ordinance 742

Outside Watering Restrictions Notice May 1 – Sept. 30, 2021

Clean up Notice and Order – Compliance Deadline May 9 2021

Animal Control Advisory Board Vacancy – Apply by 4-1-21

Ordinance 741 Adoption Notice

Ordinance 740 Adoption Notice

Ordinance 739 Adoption Notice

Ordinance 738 Adoption Notice

Public Hearing Ordinance 741

Public Hearing Ordinance 740 

Public Hearing Ordinance 739

Public Hearing Ordinance 738 

Legal Personal Property Sale 2021

Public Hearing of Proposed land Abandonment 2021

Legal Personal Property Sale 2020

PH Res 2020-12 EMS Rates

Ordinance 735 Adoption Notice

Public Hearing Less than Fair Market Value Sale

Ordinance 733 Adoption Notice

Public Hearing Res. 2020-2 EMS Rates

Public Hearing Ordinance 733

Consumer Confidence Report 2020

Ordinance 732 Adoption Notice

Outside Watering Restrictions 2020

Property Clean Up Notice

Public Hearing Ordinance 732

Municipal Utilities Board Opening – March 2020

Ordinance 730 Adoption Notice

Ordinance 729 Adoption Notice

Ordinance 725 Adoption Notice

Public Hearing – Fuel Tax 2019-2020

Public Hearing Ordinance 727

Public Hearing Ordinance 725

Early Public Review of a Proposal to SupportActivity in the (100-Year Floodplain or Wetland)

RPC 2020 City Openings

Public Hearing Ordinance 728

Public Hearing Ordinance 727

Consumer Confidence Report 2019

Public Hearing Ordinance 724

Public Hearing Ordinance 723

Public Hearing Ordinance 722

Public Hearing Ordinance 721

Records Destruction Notice

Ordinance 718 Adoption Notice

Public Hearing Ordinance 718

Utility Bd. Vacancy-Apply by 1-2-19

intent to Approve Loan Resolution

Planning Commission Vacancies

Municipal Utilities Board Vacancy

Ordinance 717 Adoption Notice

Ordinance 716 Adoption Notice

Ordinance 715 Adoption Notice

CDBG Hearing 2: October 25, 2018

Public Hearing Ordinance 715

Ordinance 714 Adoption Notice

Public Hearing Ordinance 714

Ordinance 713 Adoption Notice

Ordinance 712 Adoption Notice

Public Hearing Ordinance 713

Public Hearing Ordinance 712

Ordinance 711 Adoption Notice

Consumer Confidence Report 2018

Property Clean Up 2018 Notice

Public Hearing Ordinance 711

Ordinance 709 Adoption Notice

NDOT Road Miles 2018 Hearing

Public Hearing Ordinance 710

Public Hearing Ordinance 709

Public Hearing Ordinance 708

2018 Meeting Dates

Notice to Bid – Bulk Propane & Diesel Fuel

Ordinance 707 Adoption Notice

Request for Janitorial Service Proposals

Public Hearing Res. 2017-13 to -15

Public Hearing Ordinance 707

Public Hearing-NDOT Application

Public Hearing-Woywood Variance

Public Hearing-Woywood Vacation

Public Hearing-Commnet Applicatn

Public Hearing-Mushkin Applicatn.

Utilities Board Dec. 2017 Vacancy

Ord. 706 Adoption Notice

Public Hearing Ordinance 706

Utility Board Vacancy

Planning Commission Vacancies

Ord. 705 Adoption Notice

Ely Avenue-West 15th Street Waterline Project 2017

Accumulations Unlawful

Ordinance 705 Public Hearing

Planning Com. Seats: Deadline 7-6

Utility Bd. Opening: Deadline 7-6

Ordinance 704 Adoption Notice

Consumer Confidence 2017 Report

Ord. 704 Public Hearing

2017 Outside Watering Restrictions

Ord. 702 Adoption Notice

Ord. 702 Public Hearing

2015 Ballot Destruction Notice

Elderberry Dam Removal Hearing

City Council 2017 Meeting Dates

Utility Board Vacancy

Ord. 696 Public Hearing

Ord. 703 Public Hearing

Ord. 706 Public Hearing

Vidrine Variance Hearings

2016 Consumer Confidence Report