News and Updates

City of Ely, Nevada

News and Updates

Municipal Utilities Board Opening  – August 2021 – Open Until Filled


Additional Proposed CDBG Projects


Nevada Fire Information – It is that time of year.  The link below helps you locate where the fires are in the State with information and updates.


Living with fire and how you can stay safe and be prepared – check out the link below.


Open burning suspended within Ely City Limits May 28-Sept. 30, 2021

Open Burning suspended


Why the Need for Water Restrictions? This article may answer your questions.


Ely Municipal Water Department Consumer Confidence Report for Calendar Year 2020

Water Department Consumer Confidence Report for 2020


Outside Watering Restrictions May 1 -Sept. 30, 2021

Outside Watering Restrictions Notice


OHV Education Grant

We are excited to be in the ‘print’ phase of this project. We have a printed pahmplet with information on OHV routes in the area. These will be available in metal boxes at various points on the OHV trails. Keep your eye out and be sure to pick one up.

Broadbent Park

Tour and Rec approved a grant for upgrades to the restrooms at Broadbent Park.

2021 Meeting Dates

Our City Council meeting schedule is set for 2021. Visit here to learn more.