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Pay a Utility Bill?

You can pay your utility bill online through our Online Payments Xpress Bill Pay. All you need is an email address and an internet connection. It’s fast, it’s easy, and you no longer have to write a check each month or find a stamp when it’s time to send in your payment.

You can also pay your utility bill in person at City Hall, 501 Mill Street, Ely, NV 89301 or by mail.

How Does Xpress Bill Pay Work?

We have partnered with Xpress Bill Pay, the premier provider for online payment systems.

When you sign up for online bill payment, you will get a secure password to access your personal account at Every month we’ll send you a reminder email to let you know when your bill is online.

Then, log in through your web browser and view your bill. Select a payment type — credit card, debit card, or electronic funds transfer — enter the requested information, and you’re done!

It’s that easy, and it only takes you a few minutes.

Login to Xpress Bill Pay CLICK HERE

Questions and Answers About Xpress Bill Pay

Q: Does it cost anything to sign up for online payments?
A: No. It’s free to sign up for online payments and to use the service.

Q: What is Xpress Bill Pay?
A: Xpress Bill Pay is the company we have partnered with to handle our online payments. You access your account from their website,

Q: What payment choices do I have?
A: You can pay with a credit or debit card, or you can transfer funds directly from your checking account (aka: eCheck).

Q: What will my bill look like online?
A: We try to make the online bill display similar to your paper statement so you’ll find it easy to read your bill on a screen.

Q: What other information is available?
A: You can view up to two years’ history of your account online, so you can compare your current bill to a previous bill.

Q: Do I need to pay my bills from my computer?
A: Not at all. You can pay your bill from just about anywhere via computer or mobile device. All you need is access to the internet through a web browser. You then log into your account using your email address and password, or you can sign in using our app. No need to worry about late payments if you’re out of town when your bill is due.

Q: How do I know the payment went through?
A: After you complete the transaction, you can receive an email receipt to confirm that your payment went through.

Q: Is my information safe?
A: Absolutely. All the transactions are handled on secure servers. As long as you don’t give out your password, only you will be able to access your account. Plus, your personal information or email address will not be sold or rented to third parties for marketing purposes without your permission.

You can view Xpress Bill Pay user manual CLICK HERE.

Adopt a Pet?

Please call (775) 296-0567 to schedule an appointment with our Animal Control Officer who will be happy to provide you with current information on all adoptable animals at the facility. You can also visit our Adoptable Pets page which is updated weekly. Pursuant to NRS 574.640, the City of Ely Adoption Agreement requires that the adopted animal be updated on all necessary shots, sterilized against reproduction and licensed. The non-refundable adoption fee is $60.00 for a dog and $5.00 for a cat.

Apply for a Job?

Visit our Employment page for current openings and our job application. 

Know whether a building permit is required?

A building permit is required when any owner or authorized agent intends to construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, demolish or change the occupancy of a building or structure, or to erect, install, enlarge, alter, repair, remove, convert or replace any electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing system, the installation of which is regulated by the International Building Code and/or International Residential Code, or to cause any such work to be done. Permits are required prior to construction and are obtained by first making application to the building official to obtain the required permit.

Apply for a Building Permit?

Complete our building permit application and submit to the Building Department Administrative Assistant: for review by the Building Official; the Building Department will then advise you as to any additional documentation needed and permit fees due.

Apply for a Business License?

Complete City of Ely Business License application and email with copies of Nevada licenses to ; upon receipt, City staff will contact you for any needed additional information and payment.

Apply for a Special Event?

Complete City of Ely Special Event application and email to ; upon receipt, City staff will contact you for any needed additional information and payment.

Bidding Opportunities?

Visit our Bid Invitations page for information on current projects.

Reserve a Park?

Fill out our Park Reservation form, which includes instructions on the use of specific park resources, and email to

Find a grave in the Ely City Cemetery?

Call the City’s Public Works Department to set up an appointment: (775) 293-1394.

Sign up for residential Water and Sewer Service?

Complete our Request for Water and Sewer Service and email, along with a copy of your recorded deed, to A deposit of $100.00 will be required and is refundable after twelve months of timely payments.

Sign up for commercial Water and Sewer Service?

Complete our Request for Commercial Water and Sewer Service and email, along with a copy of your recorded deed, to A deposit of $100.00 will be required and is refundable after twelve months of timely payments.

Sign up for Landfill billing?

Complete our Request for Landfill User/Access and email, along with a copy of your recorded deed, to Keeping your residential landfill account current allows you to dump free of charge and helps to maintain the landfill. PLEASE NOTE: All White Pine County property owners are liable to pay the landfill user/access fee on structures regardless of whether the premises are occupied or not.

Sign up to receive City meeting agendas?
Request to have an item placed on a City board agenda?

Email your agenda item, with its supporting documentation, to no later than 12:00 p.m. six working days prior to each meeting.

Request a public record?
Sign Up for Emergency Messages?

CODERED is a service utilized for emergency notification in White Pine County. Sign up CLICK HERE.

How do you pronounce Ely?

How do you pronounce Ely?

This is a great question. It is pronounced ‘Ely’ like Keely Smith. Not ‘Eli’ as in Eli Manning.

Thank you to Dave S. from San Jose who suggested this ‘How To’.