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Donations needed for TNR Program

Transforming Communities: TNR Programs Provide Lifesaving Solutions for Unowned Cats

TNR donations needed in Ely Nevada

What is TNR? 

Trap, Neuter, Release Programs are the most  effective tool we have to control the population  of unowned community cats living outdoors.  Because these cats have lived their entire lives  outdoors, they are not appropriate to be  brought into a shelter or live as indoor cats.  Instead, TNR Programs humanely catch,  vaccinate, and fix these cats, then return them  to their colony. 

The City of Ely received a generous donation of  $25,000.00 in April of 2022 for the TNR program,  but unfortunately there is only one month of  funding remaining. If you would like to donate, please mail, or drop off your donation to City Hall  at 501 Mill Street, Ely, Nevada 89301, or you can  call City Hall at 775-289-2430 and donate by credit  card. 

Benefits to the Community:  

When stray cats are fixed, we all benefit. TNR Programs significantly reduce the population of stray cats in  an area since they are no longer reproducing. Kittens and adult cats who are social enough can be put up  for adoption, immediately reducing the amount of cats in a colony. Additionally, male cats will mark less,  and all of the cats will fight less as a result of spay and neuters.  

Benefits to Cats:  

Stray cats are able to live out their natural lifespans with TNR. They are returned to their colony after being  fixed and vaccinated, so they can still enjoy their lives outdoors without adding to the homeless cat  population of spreading disease. Cats who go through TNR Programs are also less likely to suffer  preventable deaths because they are brought to a vet and receive medical care they would not have  otherwise received.

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